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Canadian Assistance Dogs Should be Shot!

Ed and Toni Eames

Wyeth Animal Health, a Canadian veterinary pharmaceutical company, has partnered with IAADP's Canadian members to maintain the health of their assistance dogs. In this unique program, disabled partners will be reimbursed up to $20 Canadian a year when their dogs receive rabies and other shots. The program will work like this:

A Canadian IAADP member brings his/her assistance dog to the veterinarian to be shot. If the vaccines are manufactured by Wyeth, the veterinarian fills out the form provided by the company. When Wyeth receives the completed form, a rebate check will be sent to the IAADP partner member.

The form includes the date, Members Name Membership Number Telephone Number Mailing Address Assistance Dog's name, Breed and Color.

The completed form listing the vaccines given must be signed by the licensed veterinarian and the IAADP assistance dog partner member. It should be sent to Wyeth Animal Health 400 Michener Road Guelph, ON N1K 1E4, Fax: 519-837-9342.

Wyeth is producing a brochure to be distributed by its sales representatives to all veterinary clinics and hospitals in the country. IAADP Canadian partner members can obtain copies of the brochure containing the coupons by calling 800-267-1777 or download a copy from:

Wyeth Rebate Form

IAADP salutes Courtney Forrester for exploring a creative way of supporting the assistance dog movement in Canada.

More Canadian benefits!

NEW: Nutramax's Cosequin now available in Canada! Call Valerie Vouligny 800-363-1700 or 450-586-2252. Vetoquinol Canada is the distributor. Watch Partners Forum for details in the next issue!

How Will the IAADP/Bayer Program Work?

An IAADP Partner Member shows his/her membership card to the veterinarian and requests a free supply of Advantage. The veterinarian phones Bayer at 1-800-268-1331, ext. 4902 and speaks with Eva Guirguis requesting replacement Advantage. A Bayer sales representative will drop it off.

Why Join IAADP?

IAADP has members in more than 20 countries. Its overall goal is to foster the assistance dog movement throughout the world. The cost of annual membership is $20 USD and is open to all guide, hearing and service dog partners. Members receive Partners' Forum, IAADP's award winning publication available in print, on cassette or computer disc, an emergency recovery kit in case the team is separated, free Avid microchip and registration in Avid's lost dog recovery system, reduced registration fees for IAADP's annual conference, and, of course, for Canadian Partner Members, the new benefits we've detailed.

A website created in 1997 is visited by thousands of individuals per month. The site, http://www.iaadp.org, contains information about the training and acquisition of assistance dogs, court cases concerning access to public places and employment, advocacy work, new laws and regulations, IAADP conference, veterinary outreach efforts, and many more ongoing activities. Other member benefits include a writing contest and support and guidance in access issues.

A membership application can be downloaded from the IAADP website, http://www.iaadp.org/iaadp-membership-application.html, by e-mailing membership@iaadp.org or by sending a request to: IAADP c/o Dana Spears * PO Box 638 * Sterling Hts, MI 48311.

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