International Association of
Assistance Dog Partners

One of IAADP's functions is to participate in advocacy issues which affect the assistance dog community. There have been lots of opportunities over the years. Here are a few of our projects. Watch for additional material as we strive to give each of you a voice in the assistance dog community.

U.S. Airport Service Animal Relief Areas Initiative 2009

IAADP's Public Comment on Proposed ADA Service Animal Definition 2008

IAADP Letter to New York State Legislature 2007

IAADP Supports Assistance Dogs International Opposition to CA AB1634 2007

IAADP Letter to Wal-Mart on Access Survey Results 2007

IAADP Letter to Judge Korman regarding Cave Case 2007

IAADP Opposes Mandatory Certification in Maryland Proposed Law 2006

IAADP Launches Advocacy Effort Addressing Threat to Air Travel Access Rights in USA

UKC Creates Confusion with New Service Dog Titles

British Ban on Assistance Dogs in Airplane Cabins

British Assistance Dog Policy Needs Changing

British Pet Travel Scheme

IAADP Position on National Certification

Coalition of Assistance Dog Organizations, CADO, Advocacy Effort

Coalition of Assistance Dog Organizations, CADO, Position Statement

A Professional Speaks Out on Service Dogs for Victims of Assault

IAADP Supports Washington State's Layla's Law

IAADP Opposes Hospital Settlement

Letter to the Editor (Dog Fancy) concerning their article supporting service dogs for assault victims

Passport for Pets - Response to United Kingdom's travel regulations

Service Dogs for Victims of Assault article and IAADP's response

Australia Consulted IAADP for Quarantine Input

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