International Association of
Assistance Dog Partners

Exciting New Benefit for IAADP Members

By Toni & Ed Eames

Have you seen those adorable television commercials in which dogs and cats implore their human guardians to keep them flea free by rushing to their veterinarian's office to obtain ADVANTAGE? Now, our beloved assistance dogs can receive this parasite protection with no cost to us. At a press conference at the Central Veterinary Conference in August 2001, Chris Jacobi, Director of Marketing at Bayer, re-asserted his company's commitment to the welfare of assistance dogs by announcing the availability of ADVANTAGE to IAADP members partnered with guide, hearing and service dogs.

How It Works

When visiting your veterinarian, present your IAADP MEMBERSHIP CARD to your veterinarian and request a free supply of ADVANTAGE. Ask him/her to call Bayer at 800 Number printed on your IAADP Membership Card* to request a replacement supply of the product. If you live in a high density tick area in the United States, ask your veterinarian about Bayer's new combination product K9 Advantix.

(*Note:   If you have one of the Nutramax Cosequin membership cards which does not contain the 800 number, you may obtain the 800 number by contacting IAADP and providing us with your Membership ID Number to verify membership status prior to visiting your veterinarian. It is also available in the newsletter, Partners Forum, Vol. 8 No. 4, on the last page. Cards issued afer Summer 2002 will carry the USA 800 Advantage number for your convenience.)

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