International Association of
Assistance Dog Partners

In Memorium
Ed Eames, Ph.D.
IAADP's President

March 7, 1930 - October 25, 2009

Just a few highlights from Ed's presidency of IAADP and his remarkable life

photo of Ed Eames, IAADP Board President, presenting the first conference in the United Kingdom

Ed opens IAADP's conference in June 2008, which we held in the U.K. to celebrate a huge advocacy victory, for it took many years to overcome political obstacles before assistance dogs could travel in the plane cabin with their disabled partners to and from the UK, from North America, the UK and other countries, finally exempt from six months in a British quarantine kennel. Ed, you made us realize what we could accomplish together!

photo of Ed Eames, IAADP Board President, giving an opening address at the first Japanese Assistance Dog Partners Conference

Ed gives the opening address at the first Japanese Assistance Dog Partners Conference, traveling to Matsumoto in Oct. 2004 with guide, hearing and service dog teams from the USA, Canada and the UK to foster self advocacy and discuss other issues of mutual interest and concern with disabled Japanese handlers.

Since founding IAADP Ed has been a driving force in moving it forward and promoting it not only as a consumer advocacy organization but an organization that directly supports and assists it's members.

Download a PDF detailing some of the accomplishments
and activities of IAADP during Ed's lifetime.

An adjunct professor at CA State University-Fresno, Ed Eames, Ph.D., spent his career teaching and doing anthropology research at Baruch College in New York and previously at Temple University. His doctorate was earned at Cornell University with his research based in India.

Ed lost his sight in his forties, obtained his first guide dog from the Seeing Eye and met Toni in 1984 while writing his first book about the assistance dog field, A Guide to Guide Dog Schools. She joined him as wife and co-author of that project. Their second book, Partners in Independence, was drawn from their award-winning column of the same name, published for ten years in Dog World Magazine. The second edition of this book is still in print and serves as a wonderful history of the assistance dog movement in the 1990's.

With Ed as our President, we have grown from a very small group in 1993 to over 2500 Partner members in 2009. We also are proud to have the support of many Friend members and Provider members. If you would like to help sustain Ed's legacy and receive our global networking publication, "Partners Forum," you are welcome to join IAADP by completing a membership form.

In the Advocacy section on IAADP's website, you can read about some of the important advocacy issues IAADP has tackled under the leadership of Ed and IAADP's co founders, Toni Eames and Joan Froling with the help of their distinguished colleagues on the board since 1994. IAADP has often joined forces with other stakeholders in the assistance dog community over the years to gain the ear of government officials, other entities and the press.

Many members of Assistance Dogs International and the International Guide Dog Federation who knew Ed personally have joined with IAADP and guide dog user advocacy groups in mourning the loss of one of the assistance dog movement's greatest champions.

Ed, you've touched our lives.
You will be deeply missed!

Ed and his guide dog, Latrell. Photo courtesy of Wendy Morrell

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