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Assistance Dog Loss Committee


Toni Eames, President
Joan Froling, Chairperson
and Editor of Partners Forum
Jill Exposito, Vice President USA, Treasurer
Devon Wilkins, Vice President, Canada
Margie Gray, Secretary
Cindi Fleishans, Board Member
Laura Rose, Board Member


Responds to queries from families with a disabled loved one, disabled individuals, trainers, assistance dog training programs worldwide, new programs, businesses, educators, health care professionals, veterinarians, government officials, hospital administrators, reporters, writers, researchers and others with a personal or professional interest in the assistance dog field. While we are not a law office, we are very familiar with the laws and regulations and court decisions , so we provide Help with Access issues upon request.
National Helpline
(586) 826-3938
Calls answered by:
Joan Froling, Chairperson
International Helpline
(586) 826-3938
Calls answered by:
Joan Froling, Chairperson
Membership Questions
888-544-2237 (USA / North America)
248-693-9911 (International)
Calls answered by:
Dana Spears, Database Manager
MEDIA Questions?
(559) 224-0544
Calls answered by:
Toni Eames, President
Email Queries?

IAADP * 38691 Filly Drive * Sterling Hts., MI 48310


Membership Coordinator - Send Applications, Replacement Requests to:

IAADP c/o Dana Spears
PO Box 638
Sterling Hts, MI 48311
888-544-2237 (USA / North America)
248-693-9911 (International)
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Donations, Advocacy Issues, Newsletter Contributions, Nomination Committee, CADO Inquiries, All Other Business:

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners ......Send to:

P.O. Box 638
Sterling Heights, MI 48311

Phone: (586) 826 - 3938


Contact: Joan Froling, Chairperson
Editor of Partners Forum

CADO - Coalition of Assistance Dog Organizations - Contact information:
IAADP Delegate to CADO is Joan Froling

IAADP works with Assistance Dogs International, Guide Dog Users, Inc. and the Council of US Dog Guide Schools to protect & advance the Assistance Dog Movement when a "united front" is desirable, such as when discussing issues with government officials on behalf of disabled persons with assistance dogs that are program trained, privately trained or owner trained to perform tasks that mitigate the disability of a disabled person. Send Questions or Comments on Advocacy Issues to Joan at or in care of IAADP at Headquarters Address or Phone Number. Thank you.

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