International Association of
Assistance Dog Partners

In Memorium
Joan Froling
April 21, 1950 - April 1, 2016

IAADP Co-Founder, Chairperson & Editor of Partners Forum Newsletter

Joan, you've made such a difference!
You are deeply missed!
Photo of Joan Froling with her Assistance Dog Partner Samoyed Photo of Partners Forum - 2 issues' covers - IAADPs magazine edited by Joan Froling through 2016

In Loving Memory of Joan Froling
by Toni Eames, President

IAADP Started as a DREAM...

We had a dream and we made it come true! Joan, my late husband Ed and I met in Montreal, Canada in 1991, and shared our dream of founding a consumer advocacy organization for all disabled people partnered with assistance dogs.

In 1992 in St. Louis, Missouri we were joined by two hard of hearing folks and another woman with a service dog. We formed a Board and, with the help of audience members, chose the name the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners.

At that time, Joan's service dog was a beautiful white Samoyed bringing her much unwanted attention. Joan was a very modest, almost shy woman, and I often joked that her choice of a Samoyed was counter to her personality.

Joan Froling's Unrelenting Drive to Champion
Canine Partnerships & Consumer Advocacy

IAADP would not exist without Joan's extraordinary devotion to the cause. She never let her progressive disability damage her enthusiasm and she worked many long hours to accomplish her goals. Soft-spoken, but firm in her ideals, she never let her increasing frailty slow her down.

Many adjectives can be used to describe Joan, relentless, passionate, persistent and devoted to the cause, but nothing truly touches upon her sense of loyalty, friendship and justice for those who had trouble speaking for their rights. I admired her tenacity to chair IAADP despite broken limbs and a progressively debilitating disability. Even during her last trip to the hospital with pneumonia, Joan talked about going home and getting back to work!

Joan received many accolades for her outstanding work: a Maxwell Medallion from the Dog Writers Association of America for her work as a writer of the IAADP Newsletter "Partners Forum", inductee into the National Hall of Fame for Persons with Disabilities, co-founder of the Coalition of Assistance Dog Organizations, Co-founder of Sterling Service Dogs and hours of work and influence with the Federal Aviation Administration on relief areas and seating needs.

Virtual Memorial Service

Let's all get together and have a virtual memorial service for Joan.

Please take a moment to visit our Facebook page and write in your memories of conversations with Joan, or the way she talked you through a problem. Did you meet her at an IAADP or ADI meeting? What influence did Joan have in your life or in the relationship with your assistance dog?

Please let the world know how much this special woman meant to you.

NOTE: Her family held a private service. You can view Joan's obituary on the Lynch & Sons Funeral Services website.

Memorial Gifts, Donations, and Memberships to Preserve the Dream for IAADP to Continue Making a Difference!

Please keep IAADP alive by making a financial donation Memorial Gift in Memory of Joan Froling through Paypal (Most Credit Cards Accepted)

*OR* by sending a check or money order to:

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You are also welcome to JOIN IAADP as a FRIEND MEMBER and/or renew your membership today by completing the IAADP Online Membership Form.

We are going through transitions now, and if you feel you can help IAADP in a particular capacity, please notify our President, Toni Eames, by sending an email to her at: Toni@iaadp.org.

Thank you!

Together we can keep Joan's dream, vision and legacy alive!


We will all miss you very much Joan!

Photomontage featuring three portraits of Joan Froling, IAADP Co-founder, Chairperson and Editor of Partners Forum Newsletter with Assistance Dog Partners each inside a colorful soap bubble floating in an outdoor setting, forest green background

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