International Association of
Assistance Dog Partners

IAADP Membership Benefits

AKC Companion Animal Recovery Program

Free Enrollment for IAADP members in this wonderful program thanks to the generosity of the American Kennel Club. You can register an assistance dog with any microchip number and/or tattoo number in their 800 Hotline Number 24 hour Recovery service database. You can also update the information on your dog without paying an extra fee. This can help reunite you and your assistance dog if ever separated because of a disaster, car accident or someone leaving the backyard gate open etc. Some veterinarians will scan a new dog brought to them. Many shelters will scan to see if a stray dog they pick up has a microchip or check if there is a tattoo. The best way to ensure recovery is to make a tag for the dogís collar that carries his unique microchip ID Number and the AKCís 800 Hotline number. Anyone who finds your dog and calls the 800 number will be assisted by the AKC to return your dog to you. We include a special Enrollment Form in the New Member Packet. It allows you to put down alternative contact numbers and medical information about the dog if important and much more. It is an alternative to enrollment in PET trac, as it does not require a letter from a program to verify the dog is certified or one from a doctor to verify you have a disability, providing you use the special Form the AKC developed for IAADP many years ago.

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