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Your Assistance Dog Needs to be Microchipped!

By Dan Knox
Avid Identification System, Inc.

Why should I Identify My Assistance Dog With A Microchip? "He will never run off, she will never be stolen, I will never be involved in an accident or we will never be faced with a natural disaster".... These statements were probably made by many disabled people in the last year and, unfortunately, for some, circumstances made a mockery of these statements!

Don't let loss or separation happen to you or your beloved assistance dog. Collars and tags can come off, tattoos can fade. Most animal shelters do not look for tattoos or know where to call if faced with a lost assistance dog. The microchip implant is safe, fast, involves little pain and is the most permanent identification marker. Most animal shelters have microchip readers, so identification is immediate. Under current guidelines, microchip identified animals involved in a disaster receive immediate veterinary care.

Although it is hard to imagine, guide, hearing and service dogs DO get separated from their disabled partners and are sometimes stolen. Without permanent identification, your dog may never be reunited with you. Your dog is uniquely valuable. Without your dog you feel bereft and incomplete! Without identification separation may mean permanent loss!

Every microchip implanted by an Assistance dog training program is immediately traced back to the group. AVID Identification/* Systems, Inc. donates microchips at no cost and lifetime registrations in PETtrac to every dog certified as a member of the Assistance Dog family. Dogs can be traced in PETtrac 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

As a result of recent events, Avid has discovered it is important to have alternate contact information for someone from another city, state or a different area on the microchip. Don't make the only contact in the microchip information a neighbor who may be involved or displaced in a common disaster. It is ok to have multiple numbers and especially use cell phone numbers as back up.

A great New Year's resolution and lifesaving gift for your special friend is a microchip and a commitment to keep registration data current. DO IT NOW !

If you or your veterinarian have questions, please call our corporate office at 1 800 336 2843 x 3. AVID's service and support office is at 1-314-487-5842. The website is www.AVIDID.com

EDITORS NOTE: Our New Member Packet provides Forms that enable an IAADP Partner Member to obtain a free Avid microchip from any veterinarian who carries this product. The veterinarian will give you one he already paid for and he will be able to obtain a free replacement chip from Avid, as per instructions in our paperwork, which you should bring in, as a number of veterinarians are not familiar with Avid’s policy of providing a free microchip to an IAADP Partner Member’s adult, task trained assistance dog.

IMPORTANT!!....EDITOR’S NOTE ON PETtrac: If you do not have an assistance dog with proof of “certification” from a non profit program, you will need a letter from your doctor verifying that you are a person with a Disability to show your veterinarian that you qualify to enroll your privately trained / owner trained dog as an assistance dog free of charge in Avid’s PETtrac lifetime registry. Those with a certified dog need a letter from their program on letterhead stationary verifying the team graduated as a “certified service, guide or hearing dog team,” which must be mailed in with the PETtrac Registration Form, to qualify for free registration. Alternatively, see the New Member Packet for information on a registry with a different enrollment process.

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