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Advantage, a flea control product donated by Bayer Animal Health

Every assistance dog should be on a Flea Prevention Program as a public health measure and to prevent the torment that dogs go through when bitten by fleas infesting their fur. It also prevents expensive veterinary bills that occur whenever an assistance dog develops a serious allergy to flea bites! Advantage is an excellent product that can be applied topically, once a month. Fleas are a common problem if you ever put your dog in a boarding kennel or let your dog play with a dog infested with fleas at a park or sit close to a dog in the veterinarian’s waiting room who is harboring fleas in his coat.

Great News! Bayer also offers Advantage Multi!

Bayer Animal Health will also provide Advantage Multi instead of Advantage if you prefer. Advantage Multi not only prevents flea infestations, it also prevents heartworm and parasitic infestations and treats ear mites and mange, at no charge to IAADP assistance dog partners.

How Will the IAADP/Bayer Program Work?

Advantage or Advantage Multi can be obtained from your veterinarian who should contact Bayer at 1-800-268-1331, ext. 4902 and speak with Eva Guirguis to request a replacement packet for a six month supply of Advantage or Advantage Multi. A Bayer sales representative will drop the replacement product off. It will be necessary to show a current IAADP membership card to your veterinarian to qualify for this program.

Why Join IAADP?

The cost of a six month supply of Advantage or Advantage Multi far exceeds the cost of an IAADP membership. KV Vet Supply, which has some of the lowest prices of all kinds of dog supplies to be found on the internet and catalogs, offers a 15% discount on almost every item in their catalog except vaccines and pharmaceutical products. Mutt Luks offers IAADP members in North America, a 50% discount and free shipping. Our quarterly publication, “Partners Forum,” has fostered a global information sharing and advocacy network for partners and programs since 1994. It has been honored for excellence many times by the Dog Writers Association of America. It provides timely updates on legislation, new regulations, advocacy issues and stories by other members about their assistance dogs, equipment innovations, new kinds of assistance dogs and much more. You will become a valued member of our Urgent Action Advocacy issue Email List, to help protect the assistance dog movement from bad legislation and other threats ( See the Advocacy section on IAADP’s Homepage for a glimpse of what we’ve battled in the past and often emerged victorious thanks to assistance dog partners working together through this “self help” network.) You can call on IAADP for help if your province proposes legislation or rules that will have a negative impact on your access rights or when you have questions. We have nearly 2500 dues paying Partner members as of 2009. IAADP remains the largest consumer advocacy organization for guide, hearing and service dog handlers worldwide. We look forward to your participation.

A membership application can be downloaded from the IAADP website, http://www.iaadp.org/iaadp-membership-application.html or by sending a request to: IAADP c/o Dana Spears * PO Box 638 * Sterling Hts, MI 48311.

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