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Open to assistance dog partners, providers, trainers, puppy raisers and anyone else with a personal or professional interest in discussing assistance dogs and other subjects relevant to the assistance dog field. It is a wonderful resource for those who train their own service dog, go to a private trainer or obtain a dog through an assistance dog program, providing peer support and plenty of information sharing.

Contact Information Go to:   Assistance-dogs at Yahoo Groups
Or email request to:   Assistance dogs list owner

Canadian Assistance Dog Partners

For guide, hearing and service dog teams in Canada. To subscribe, send a blank message to cadp-1-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. When you receive the request for confirmation, simply reply and you will be subscribed.


Most members are guide dog users. Open to people with a personal or professional interest in guide dogs, related subjects. To inquire about subscribing to the Buddy list, contact Clarence Whaley, one of the list moderators at clarence@dgii.com. You may also contact Dr. Robert Carter, list moderator at robert.carter@tamu.edu.

Puppy Raiser List

This is for people who raise puppies that will serve as assistance dogs (guide, service, hearing, seizure, social, etc.). New membership is open to all active or vacationing puppy raisers. The list welcomes the self-trainer who is raising their own puppy. This list also maintains a web site. Use the following hot link for information about joining.

Egroup International Puppyraiser List.

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