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Assistance Dog Partners

Assistance Dog Partnership

One of the goals of IAADP is to educate people about the benefits of working with a highly trained assistance dog. We can draw up a long list educating you about the many tasks a guide, hearing or service dog may be taught to perform, such as leading a blind person around a bicycle in the team=s path, alerting a deaf person to the doorbell or pulling a wheelchair to reduce the pain and fatigue a person with muscular dystrophy will experience on a long outing. However, there is more to assistance dog partnership than the actual tasks the dog performs. A lot is said about the human - animal bond but nothing says it more clearly than the partnership each team develops through the years. These articles will focus on many different aspects of partnership.

Choices of the Heart

What Will They Think of Next?

The Reality is ...

"Daddy's Little Girl"

Something Good

Legacy of A Service Dog

I used to want to hide from view
I'd wish I was somebody else
With you my looks never mattered
Pretty soon I forgot them myself

You gave me the courage to travel
You brought me out of my shell
Together we saw distant cities
Together we conquered them all

You were there in my darkest moments
You helped me to weather the pain
You helped me forgive the cruelty
And learn how to love, not blame.

There were many moments of laughter
And many joys we shared
It broke my heart to let you go
When the vet said you should be spared

No medals are given to service dogs
for taking away the fear,
for giving us a brand new lease on life,
a life of dignity and cheer.

I now have friends, a purpose in life
and confidence in myself
That's the legacy you leave behind, old friend,
As a tribute to yourself.


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