International Association of
Assistance Dog Partners

Publications of interest to the
assistance dog field


Partner's Forum (IAADP)

See contact information for International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP)

Frequency: Quarterly

Media: Print, Cassette, 3.5 floppy disk


News & Views (COGDO)

See contact information for COGDO

Frequency: Quarterly

Media: Cassette


Paw Tracks (GDUI)

See contact information for GDUI

Frequency: Quarterly

Media: Cassette


Harness Up (NAGDU)

See contact information for NAGDU

Frequency: Semi-annual

Media: Cassette


The Harness

Frequency: Semi-annual

Media: Cassette and diskette, regular and large print, and E-mail

Annual Subscription Price: $8 Canadian, $7 American

Contact Information:

The Harness
Devon Wilkins, Editor
202-460 Ontario Street
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada L9Y 4E5
(705) 444-4512


The Harness is a magazine for people with assistance dogs with a definite emphasis on Canadian issues, but anyone from anywhere is welcome to subscribe.

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