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Assistance Dogs International (ADI)

Assistance Dogs International (ADI) is a worldwide coalition of non profit programs that specialize in training dogs to perform tasks that empower disabled persons to increase their safety, independence and quality of life. Started in 1987 in the USA by a small number of hearing and service dog programs, by 2006, there were more than a hundred member organizations which trained guide, hearing and service dogs.

Through committee work at the annual conference, ADI members have developed a code of Minimum Standards and Ethics for non profit training programs, Minimum Training Standards for guide, hearing, service, seizure alert or response dogs and social dogs, a Public Access Certification Test for all ADI graduates, Trainer Certification Tests, Accreditation Standards and much more.

In 2007, ADI members adopted a restructuring plan that created Regional chapters which will have their own Board of Directors and regional conferences. The first two chapters are ADI - North America and Assistance Dogs Europe. ADI looks forward to the development of regional chapters in Asia, Australia / New Zealand and in Latin America as soon as ADI member programs in those areas can meet the organizational challenges involved. The President of each regional chapter and “at large”representatives elected from different geographical areas will serve on an International Board of Directors and hold an International Conference every two years.

You may wish to visit ADI’s website which features its training standards, Access education videos for law enforcement and the hospitality profession, plus an online copy of their Law Book summarizing federal and state laws in the USA, Canada and other countries, a copy of which can be purchased for a small fee.

Click below to visit ADI site:

 Assistance Dogs International Site

ADI International Board

ADINA - North America Board

ADEu - Europe Board

ANZAD - Australia/New Zealand Board

Contact Information:
Assistance Dogs International
Corey Hudson, ADI Secretary
c/o Canine Companions for Independence
P.O. Box 5174
Santa Rosa, CA 95402
(707)577-1700 V; 577-1756 TDD

International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF)

This organization was formed in 1989 following several conferences which brought together guide dog schools from different countries to exchange information through workshops. In the 1990s, it developed accreditation standards for its members. It holds bi-annual conferences and promotes high standards for the breeding, rearing and training of guide dogs to better serve people around the world who are blind or visually impaired. A small executive office in Reading, U.K., acts as a communications focal point through the publication of a newsletter for members and the creation of an educational website.

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 International Guide Dog Federation

Contact Information
IGDF, Hillfields, Burghfield Common
Reading, UK RG7 3YG
Tel: +44 118 983 1990
Fax: +44 118 983 3572
E-mail: info@ifgdsb.org.uk

US Council of Dog Guide Schools

Ten guide dog schools in the USA formed this organization to work on projectsof mutual interest and concern, such as safety and access issues. They meet in conference once a year to review new materials and training methods. These schools promote high standards for the training and placement of guide dogs with blind or visually impaired clients.

Contact Information

John Gray, President
c/o Pilot Dogs
625 West Town Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
1-614-221-6367 VOICE
1-614-221-1577 FAX

Member Schools
  • Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, Inc.
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc.
  • Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.
  • Guide Dogs of America
  • Guide Dogs of the Desert
  • Guiding Eyes For the Blind, Inc.
  • Leader Dogs For The Blind
  • Pilot Dogs
  • The Seeing Eye, Inc.
  • Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc.

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