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When we first discussed the possibility of developing a web site, the issue that we all agreed on was the need to provide a way for individuals to gather comprehensive information about the assistance dog community. Many of us had gone through the frustrating experience of spending numerous hours on the telephone trying to gather information, or receiving information and finding it only provided a limited perspective on a complex field. Others recounted how they were hesitant to raise questions that might display their ignorance or, through their lack of information, made choices that ended up not being appropriate for their needs.

Since one of the primary goals of IAADP is to educate and provide information, we looked at ways that we could develop a resource tool that individuals could learn to rely on not only for comprehensive, but also accurate and objective information about the assistance dog field. This resource would underscore our belief that if individuals are provided with information that allows them to assess the merits and drawbacks of an issue, they ultimately are able to make the most responsible decision for their particular needs. In addition to providing these resources to those that visit our site, we also strongly believe that the assistance dog community can benefit from input from our visitors. New ideas, training techniques and methods, and resources are constantly becoming available. By sharing this information with each other, we can all reap the benefits of improved assistance dog partnerships. To help with this input, we have provided you with numerous opportunities throughout the site to provide us with feedback, ask questions, or share information. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Some of the areas available in this site were developed in direct response to common questions we have received from members. For example, if you have wondered exactly what different assistance dogs do, and would like to see some dogs at work, check out The Photo Gallery. Ever wonder who actually is a part of the assistance dog communities, and what work they do? Spend some time at:

Have you encountered access problems or are confused about discussion involving different assistance dog laws? You are not alone. We have plenty of information and a number of resources to help you deal with your concerns. Make sure to visit We have also provided two general categories of web links in the areas of canine information and disability resources: We feel these two fields naturally supplement the assistance dog field, and offer information that individuals may find of use. Given the vast number of web sites on the Internet, we have tried to limit our lists to those sites that provide the broadest and most up-to-date information.

We want you to get to know IAADP and the benefits we provide to our members. Although a relatively new organization, we are proud of our accomplishments to date, and are pleased to share some of those efforts with you. We are always looking for new ways to serve the assistance dog community. Feel free to share your ideas with us. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

The 1997 Web Site Committee

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