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This page is designed to serve as a tool for those interested in learning more about access rights for people with disabilities partnered with assistance dogs, and gain an understanding of the various laws that are in place. In addition to ongoing articles about recent court decisions, or legal issues, we have compiled a list of U.S. federal and state agencies that deal with these issues, as certain web sites that provide strong consumer education. In the upcoming months we will be compiling additional case law references, as well as monitoring ongoing legislative and court activity. If you know of any current or upcoming cases, or have questions regarding information on this site, please send an e-mail message (indicate legal reference in the subject). For Canadian laws please CLICK HERE

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Legislation References and Resources:

United States: Federal Legislation
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Resources:

United States: Federal Government: Department/Agencies

United States: How to Contact Federal Elected Officials:


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