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IAADP MEMBERSHIP - Information, Benefits, Application

Who is eligible for Membership in IAADP?

IAADP primarily represents and advocates for people with disabilities working with guide, hearing and service dogs. In addition, anyone with a personal or professional interest in the assistance dog community is welcome to join as a Friend or Provider Member and contribute to IAADP's global information sharing and advocacy network.

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES .......Which one are you eligible for?

Partner Membership: - open to disabled persons working with an adult guide, hearing or service dog obtained from a Provider or one trained by the owner for a minimum of Six Months. Prior to enrollment, training must be completed in accordance with the Minimum Training Standards for obedience, manners and disability related tasks.

For IAADP Minimum Training Standards for Public Access, Click Here.

Friend Membership: - open to disabled individuals with a puppy or dog "in training" for a career as an assistance dog who has not yet completed the required amount of schooling to become eligible for a Partner Membership. Health care professionals, puppy raisers and others interested in the assistance dog movement are also encouraged to become an IAADP Friend.

Provider Membership: - open to training programs and professional dog trainers who provide task trained assistance dogs to disabled persons. Also open to programs or trainers assisting disabled individuals to train their own dogs to meet or exceed our Minimum Training Standards

Why Are Trained Tasks So Important?

Trained tasks that mitigate or lessen the effects of a disabling condition are the legal basis for granting access rights to disabled handlers under the Americans With Disabilities Act. Examples include but are not limited to, guiding the blind, alerting the deaf to specific sounds, wheelchair pulling, balance support, retrieving dropped objects or providing different kinds of trained assistance in a medical crisis. An assistance dog with this special training is viewed as assistive technology / medical equipment, not as a pet. Thus the team will be exempt under ADA from whatever restrictions apply to pets in places of public accommodation such as a business, restaurant or hotel and on public transportation.

For more information on the wide variety of trained tasks performed by guide dogs, hearing and service dogs, choose one of the following:

     Task examples: Traditional Tasks performed by Guide, Hearing and Service Dogs. Click Here.

     Task examples: Tasks for Service Dogs for Persons with a Psychiatric Disability. Click Here

ATTENTION: Dogs utilized for Emotional Support, Companionship or Therapy may provide a feeling of comfort, safety or additional exercise or other therapeutic health and psychological benefits, but these functions in and of themselves DO NOT meet the Americans With Disabilities Act Training Requirements for a Service Animal whose disabled handler will legally have public access rights. Therefore, their owners are NOT eligible for Partner Membership in IAADP.


For those working with more than one assistance dog, IAADP's agreement with corporate sponsors makes Partner members eligible for benefits for only one dog annually. That dog must be listed on this form. For members whose assistance dog retires or dies, and who obtain an adult, task trained successor dog in the same year, the new dog will become eligible for benefits as soon as IAADP is officially notified of the Name Change.


For a list of IAADP Membership Benefits, Click Here.


If you wish to enroll or renew membership online using a credit card through PayPal, just Click Here!

Alternatively, print out the application to follow and send it to IAADP by mail with a check or money order for membership dues. Thank You!

APPLICATION FORM (Mail to IAADP c/o Dana Spears * PO Box 638 * Sterling Hts, MI 48311)

Name (print clearly or type) ____________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________ City: ______________

State / Province: _______________ Zip / Postal Code: ______________ Country: _______________

Phone: _______________________ EMAIL: _______________________________________

Check all below which apply to you:

____ Partner-USA New Membership (USA) $40 (*3 years for the price of 2 years $80)

____ Partner-USA Renewal Membership (USA) $40 (*3 years for the price of 2 years $80)

____ International Partner Membership (as I reside outside the USA) $20 (*3 years for the price of 2 years $40)

____ I am eligible to be an IAADP Partner (voting member) as my dog meets the IAADP Minimum Training Standards
        (see Partner Membership Definition section above).

____ I am an IAADP Friend (non-voting member) $40

____ I am a Provider Member (train assistance dogs for others) $50

____ I'm partnered with a: (Please Circle One)    Guide Dog      Hearing Dog       Service Dog

____ My assistance dog is trained by me to the required IAADP Minimum Training Standards

____ My Provider trained assistance dog is from: _____________________________ (Provider's Name)

Dog's name: ___________________ Breed / Mix _____________ Date of Dog's Birth ___________  

Assistance Dog Tasks
Describe 2 or more disability mitigating Tasks your dog is schooled to perform on command or cue.





note: IAADP reserves the right to contact applicants for more information on the dog's training prior to consideration of enrollment or renewal.

Partner Member Affidavit: (note: your signature is required for enrollment or renewal)  
By signing this document, I affirm the information provided on this application is correct and truthful.

Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ______________________

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Submit application with a check or money order made payable to IAADP. Applicants outside the U.S.A. must send U.S. currency or an international check / money order. Applications may also be submitted online and alternative methods of payment are available on the IAADP website using PayPal. 

Please Note: From the time of receipt of payment, a period of 45 to 60 days will be needed to process the application. Membership begins immediately upon the receipt of your Membership Card and Packet. Please be patient as we rely on volunteers to carry out most of the work done by IAADP for its members.

Mail to: IAADP c/o Dana Spears * PO Box 638 * Sterling Hts, MI 48311

Questions? Email the Database Manager at database@iaadp.org

If you wish to print out a One-Page Membership Application Form, Click Here